Global Social Entrepreneurship seminar (IDPT 406-407)

What: Recognized by the Institute of International Education for excellence, Global SE is a credit bearing seminar and field experience that will be held in Spring and Summer 2016. The seminar is a problems-centered preparatory experience. Multidisciplinary students teams study and critique solutions to transboundry social and economic challenges such as poverty. The seminar is followed by a six-week summer field experience in Bangalore, India. Students work with organizations in Bangalore to develop a social enterprise plan. Examples of past plans have included a monitoring and evaluation system for an after school sports program that targets underprivileged children in slum schools and an All-India NGO Network for employing persons with disabilities.

Who: Upto 9 students are selected who have demonstrated passion for social change and intermediate familiarity with concepts of social entrepreneurship. Alumni of Social Entrepreneurship Internship, AMRE, APEX fellow or a comparable program are preferred. Seniors with extra-ordinary commitment to social change may also apply.

How do I apply? We are recruiting for Global SE 2016. See here.


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