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An academic session on leveraging voluntarism

There are two components to the Indian field experience, an academic component and an experiential learning component which occurs mostly with our partner organizations. We bridge these two components with reflection, writing, and praxis. The academic component covers two themes: … Continue reading

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Social entrepreneurship and the role of government

By Amanda Collins This post was uploaded after Amanda’s Global SE experience.   Before going to India, I was politically liberal with a firm belief in a strong Federal government. I’m still a politically liberal college student, but I have … Continue reading

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Anna Hazare and Corruption in India

By Kipaya Kapiga Corruption is not a new force in the Indian political landscape, but the current public outcries are very strong. During the two months, it was rare to not catch glimpse of an anti-corruption themed headline. The detrimental … Continue reading

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What ‘Bharat’ (India) needs.

By Amarjeet Sinha This article was reprinted by permission of the author who is a civil servant. These views are personal. He can be contacted at amarjeetsinha@hotmail.com How can we make social and inclusive development a reality? The answer lies … Continue reading

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Billionaires and responsibility for Organizational Development

As anyone who is travelled to India knows, this is a country of contrasts – of spectacular riches and spectacular poverty. This is the country that has built the Taj Mahal, the Mysore Palace, and some of the most luxurious … Continue reading

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