Local Social Entrepreneurship Seminar (IDPT 407)

What: An innovative seminar/internship that gives students hands-on consulting experience locally in Northeast Ohio. Seminar students learn business plan, consulting and team-building essentials. After the seminar, student teams apply what they have learned to assist local non-profit organizations. Students devise sustainable revenue-generating ventures that help further the non-profit mission. For example, the Green Cemetery, Foxfield Preserve, is a business whose profits support the work of the Wilderness Center of Ohio. Your peers created this successful venture!

Who: Fifteen to twenty students are selected each year who have prior but limited experience working with the non-profit sector. Students from any field of study may apply, as we encourage diversity in the applicant pool.You have to apply. If you are accepted you will be invited to register and you can do so by adding the 0.5 credit seminar. Requirements are: Soph/Jnr and a minimum of 2.75 cumulative GPA. 

How do I apply?: Local SE is offered in the fall. Recruiting occurs in the Spring. Stay tuned to the SE website for details.


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