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This page links to a variety of multimedia links related to the Global Social Entrepreneurship.

Pictures: Check out our photo album on Flickr.
Best viewed in slideshow mode with captions! Just click on one of the thumbnails, and once the picture loads, select “view as slideshow” (the button is located to the right of the picture). Once the slideshow loads, pause the automatic play mode (located in the bottom left hand corner) and select “show info” (located in the upper right hand corner). The “previous” and “next” buttons for looking through the pictures located on the top of the slideshow page in the center.

Audio Recordings:
Recorded during the Pre-Global SE Assessment Trip, Summer 2009. To listen to our recordings, right click the link and select “Save Link As”/”Save Target As” or let the MP3 load in your browser.

  • Pre-Departure Interview (6/28/09)
    Unfortunately we were still learning how to use the recorder, so it’s a little quiet at times. Nonetheless, it turned out to be an great introduction to our personal perspectives of Global Social Entrepreneurship.
    File: interview1woo (6 mins 28 seconds)
    Read more introductory entries here and here.
  • First Impressions (7/2/09-7/3/09)
    A collection of sounds that greeted us in Bangalore.
    File: First Impressions (3 mins 30 seconds)
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.
  • Children at the Mithra School (7/2/09)
    A recording of “first generation learners” reciting nursery rhymes and the school prayer.
    File: Mithra Children (3 mins 23 seconds)
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.
  • Impromptu Car Interview (7/3/09)
    Some thoughts about our networking so far, accompanied by the traffic of Bangalore.
    File: MS Interview (3 mins 7 seconds)
  • Interview with Jairaj Daniel (7/5/09)
    File: Jairaj Interview (2 mins 1 second)
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.
  • Visit to Wooster Nagar (7/9/09)
    File: Wooster Nagar
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.


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  1. Jessica says:

    This is great! You are role models not only for Wooster and for SE, but for blogging too! Safe travels…looking forward to the rest.

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