Who are we going to see?

In Bangalore and Chennai, we will be talking to five types of organizations. The organizations are split-up into clients (yellow) and resources (red) (see graphic below). The five types of organizations are:

(1) Non-profits that could be our potential clients;
(2) Bottom of the pyramid (BOP) businesses that we could work with alongside AMRE students;

(3) Capacity building organizations that are already trying to enhance entrepreneurial abilities in non-profits;
(4) Business schools that we can partner with; and
(5) Other organizations that can serve as study abroad program resources.

Why do we want to meet and work with so many different local organizations? I do believe that it is important to start small. But this should not limit your vision.  I think that there is value in “deep dialogue” with many different partners because we want our students to be able to connect our clients with local resources. We do not want to impose “alien” strategies for success, but try to emphasize local co-development. The only way we can do this is if we are aware of and have access to local resources that can strengthen what we have to offer our clients.

We are going to India with an openness to learn.

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  1. mehdi says:

    Good plan, good program, and nice blog! Waiting for more…

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