A Tornado, Thunderstorms and a Tail wind

Best made plans have to sometimes wait. Three of us are en route to Bangalore waiting at different airports for our flights to take off. A tornado has decimated Joplin, Missouri taking the lives of 116.* Online news reports sadly suggest that “that number will likely rise.” Scattered thunderstorms are causing huge weather related travel delays in the US, and flights from and into the UK are being diverted or cancelled because of eruptions from Eyjafjallajökull. My flight has been cancelled. It cannot be rebooked because of a technical error caused by the way in which the ticket was processed. I am rerouted, and run from airport-to-airpot, flight-to-flight. CLE, LGA, “insert ride from LGA to JFK here”, JFK, DXB.

As I am about to land in Banglore, almost fifteen hours after I planned to be here, a massive monsoon storm in Bangalore creates a tailwind resulting in an aborted landing. For social entrepreneurs “life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about dancing in the rain”. But I also re-learned something social entrepreneurs are not known for, patience and humility. Mother nature is a good teacher.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Joplin.

*We are safe. All of of us have arrived in Bangalore.

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