Global SE: Update

Its been a while since we posted. So a few updates are due. At the heels of an awesome fall, where fourteen students and five faculty and staff worked with five non-profit organizations in the local Wooster community we are ready to begin Global SE 2012. There were over 40 students interested in Global SE for 2012. We received 22 complete applications and accepted 12 students into the program. Students, faculty, and staff are excited and ready to begin the third iteration of Global SE 2012. The 2012 year will not rest on its laurels. It will continue to be innovative, stretching the boundaries of a non-colonial way to learn and work towards the end of poverty.

Since our launch in 2010, we have garnered substantial support from international and domestic constituencies. First we have to thank our social enterprise and alumni supporters in India. Their generosity to our students has opened doors to an unparalleled learning environment.

In addition, we thank our financial supporters that make this possible. From President Cornwell who offers financial aid support to students that demonstrate need, to the parents, families, churches, and the international social enterprises that allow each student to participate. As Laura Valencia’12 wrote for the vision statement:  “Leaders of the future need to see borders not as barriers but as opportunities; to count similarities, not differences; to think not only of individual profit, but of the greater social return. Leaders need to enter into transnational partnerships evaluating not only how much they can teach, but also how much they can learn.”

Recently Global SE was featured in the Huffington Post. One word: “Nice!”. This is a moment when the students, staff, administrators, alumni that co-founded this program as well as supporters need to be really proud of the fact that their efforts and actions have been recognized. The challenge now is to sustain and be better.

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